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Improve Stroke Technique
Identify Correct Stroke Tempo
Enhance Streamline Techniques

Trying to copy others
does not reveal what you are doing

Our technology is not just cutting-edge, but also time-tested and validated by the best peer reviewd journals in the world. We are proud to collaborate regularly with many of the top swimmers, coaches, and sports researchers worldwide to ensure that our technology delivers maximum results. Our studies have shown that regardless of skill level, continuous improvement of technique is the key to consistent long-term performance gains. With our services, you have the power to work with the testing data immediately and not wait weeks for the results. Our interactive approach allows for instant feedback and real-time adjustments to your training regimen, helping to achieve your goals faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Many examples on this site highlight swimming, however we have worked with numerous sports, Physical Education Departments, and even Sports Medicine Institutes. Our list of clients includes some of the biggest sports equipment companies in the world.

Like the swimmer below, have your swimming tested today, and take all the guesswork out of improving your technique. We promise, you will never look at your swimming quite the same way ever again.

Hall of Fame Technology

Our groundbreaking technology can capture and analyze 1,000 data points per second of velocity telemetry, providing unparalleled insight into the subtle changes in velocity throughout each stroke cycle. With velocity fluctuations ranging between 30 to 40 percent and occurring in less than three tenths of a second, these nuances are virtually imperceptible to the naked eye, whether above or below the surface.

With our advanced technology gain a comprehensive understanding of your performance like never before, and unlock new possibilities for achieving future goals.

Our experience is vast having coached at the top level for many years, conducted state of the art research, and even have U.S. Patents on training devices that prove our methods are one of a kind.

TeamTermin Video Surpass 70,000 Views on YouTube

That’s right, TeamTermin video posted on YouTube surpassed the 70,000 views mark, and have become one of the most viewed most posted swimming video on the internet. That’s because our interactive video technology is not like any other in the world.

The Only Thing We Sell. . .

IS Improvement!

TeamTermin/ADINSTRUMENTS Partnership Press Release

In The News.. - Top Sport Science Website Rank TeamTermin Sports Swimming Research Inside Top 10% of World Rankings

One of the leading research websites. statistics revealed that TeamTermin swimming research studies rank in the top 10% in the world. Current interest reached 91% of all the research posted on this website collectively cited for sport science and swimming. See detailed examples at the following link.

Researchgate Stats Page

Canadian Sports Hall of Fame features TeamTermin Velocity Meter/Video Technology

The newly constructed Canadian Sports Hall of Fame features eleven galleries. One gallery is dedicated to how technology has influenced sport. In a permanent interactive exhibit, our Velocity Meter/Video Telemetry was recognized as a significant technology useful for the improvement of swimming technique. This technology features high speed instantaneous velocity telemetry, synchronized with four high resolution underwater video cameras. See detailed examples at the following link.

Swimming World Magazine Press Release

Budd Termin and colleagues cited 22 Times at XIth International Symposium on Biomechanics and Swimming In Medicine

Hosted every 4 years, this symposium attracts the top swimming minds from around the world. Previous studies from TeamTermin and colleagues were well represented at this prestigious gathering of international swimming experts. This symposium highlights swimming physiology and biomechanics of current and ongoing investigations aimed at improving the knowledge base of swimming performance. The symposium was held from June 16 to 19, 2010 in Oslo, Norway

Velocity Meter/Video Telemetry Featured in Argentine Top Triathlon Web Site. AM Triathlon

The article titled Stroke Rate, Stroke Length and Swimming Speed describes the importance of swimming technique for triathletes and how real time velocity telemetry with synchronized underwater digital video, provides a new objective means for triathletes to improve. It also highlights how this technology can identify the precise stroke frequency, especially important for open water swimmers.

The Choice of World Class Swimmers

Since the 2009 Rome World Swimming Championships, numerous world class swimmers from around the world have had their techniques tested and analyzed by the premiere velocity meter/video analysis system in the world.

That is because TeamTermin Velocity Meter/Video Telemetry shatters all previous preconceptions of how world class swimming technique analysis is really conducted. Velocity Meter hardware is produced using proprietary engineering, and looks as good as it performs, backed by more than 15 years of experience working with swimmers/coaches and sports scientists from around the world.

Form Partnership

ADINSTRUMENTS and TeamTermin will now work together to bring the latest in sports performance testing for the sport of swimming. ADINSTRUMENTS PowerLab data acquisition hardware and LabChart software allows for real time, high-speed simultaneous collection of video and analog signals from external devices such as velocity meters. In sports like swimming, where changes in velocity are very subtle, this partnership opens a whole new revolution in swimming technique analysis.

Examples of this technology can be found under the Velocity Meter tab on this web site or at ADINSTRUMENTS

Termin to Present
At Video Symposium

The event, titled ?Engaging the Video Generation? will consist of a Technology for Learning Symposium that features demonstrations of new software from Dartfish, interactive presentations from classroom and sport digital video experts and the announcement of SUNY Cortland as the Dartfish Northeast Training Center.

Budd Termin was selected as one of the presenters based on years of successfully integrating video technology in conjunction with coaching and sport research.

The symposium will be held in the Sperry Center on Tuesday, March 25, 2008, on the campus of SUNY Cortland.